Tile Repair Services Park City


Do you have broken, cracked tiles in your home or office? If so, you may want to consider calling Mazzei Marble & Tile for the best tile repair services Park City has to offer! When properly installed and maintained, tile can last a lifetime. But as tough as it is, tile isn’t indestructible. Anyone who has dropped a pot or a heavy can of food on a tiled kitchen floor is well aware that the tile can chip. Tile can also crack under normal, everyday use if it’s hiding a manufacturing defect or if the subfloor flexes too much. This means you’ll probably have to replace broken tile sooner or later. The good news is that the professionals at Mazzei Marble have over 30 years of experience and will fix your tile in a jiffy!


One of the most difficult parts of tile repair is finding replacement tile that matches. If, by chance, you happen to have extra tile lying around, that’s great and we will get the job done quickly. However, most people don’t have spare tile. Never fret, though, because Mazzei Marble & Tile will do what it takes to find a replacement that looks fantastic and matches your existing tile. We work carefully to ensure that we don’t damage any other tire during the process of replacing broken tiles. Once we are finished with our tire repair services, your floor will look just like new again!


Mazzei Marble’s tile repair services truly are a step above the rest. Our work is world class and our attention to detail is unmatched. We stand by our work and won’t quit until you are completely satisfied with your tile repair. Your satisfaction is absolutely our top priority. Because of this, we promise that we will show up on time, treat your home with the utmost respect, use the highest quality materials available, and offer you a fair, affordable price. We can work within any budget to give you the best value on home tile repair services in Park City.


If you’d like to see what Mazzei Marble can do for you and receive a free, in-home tile repair estimate, please call Richard at (801) 637-7824. We’d be happy to meet with you and discuss your tile repair needs. Remember, if you’re looking for the best tile repair services Park City has to offer, look no further than Mazzei Marble & Tile! We can’t wait to get started on fixing those broken tiles in your home or office and restoring your floors to pristine condition!